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Storm damaged properties could get relief through tax adjustments
Posted 3/8/2017

Recent storms that brought heavy rains and brutal winds to the region resulted in property damage for some residents and businesses. Yuba County Assessor Bruce Stottlemeyer said damage to taxable real and personal property that amounts to at least $10,000 may be eligible for property tax relief through an adjustment to the taxable value of the property.

Flood damage, fallen trees, equipment losses; all of these and more can be considered when calculating the losses to a particular piece of property. Existing law allows for the assessor to adjust the taxable value of properties suffering damage through no fault of the owner.

“Anyone who has experienced considerable damage to their property should call us to discuss whether they qualify for a reduction in their taxable value,” Stottlemeyer said. “For those who do qualify, the relief would be applied beginning on the date of the actual damage.”

Stottlemeyer said the $10,000 threshold for property damage is available whether that damage is caused by flooding, winds, fire, or some other catastrophic event.

Those who own taxable real and personal property in Yuba County and believe they experienced at least $10,000 in damages to their property may contact the Assessor’s Office at 749-7820. Staff is available to work with callers to see if their property qualifies for a tax relief.




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